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The Power of Data: How To Effect Positive Changes in Clinical Care

In a recent ZOLL Data Systems webinar, three clinical managers from the JFK University Medical Center (JFK EMS) in New Jersey shared their real-world experiences, chronicling how they’ve used their software to drive quality assurance and quality improvement (QA/QI) to optimize clinical care.

Data From EMS Calls Provides Powerful Insights

JFK EMS uses ZOLL emsCharts® and RescueNet® CaseReview to review clinical interventions and other factors documented during medical emergencies. The data EMS managers extract from the software provides them with valuable insight they can use to provide feedback to medics, who can then change their approach with the goal of improving outcomes.

JFK EMS clinical managers are not only able to provide feedback to individual medics, but are also able to make meaningful, data-driven changes at the agency level in how medical emergencies are handled. In the past, this type of patient data was not always available, or it was unwieldy to access. With ZOLL emsCharts and RescueNet CaseReview, detailed information about specific treatment protocols, device recordings, and patient responses is readily available in the cloud – and is the basis for targeted coaching and ongoing, agency-wide education.

Three Case Studies Show How Minute-by-minute Data Can Lend Insight and Drive Positive Change 

JFK EMS put together three case studies that highlight critical care that was provided, coupled with vital data which captures patient response to the protocols deployed. Field responders were coached on how they could have modified treatment protocols for better outcomes. Some field responders were so motivated by seeing the minute-by-minute snapshot of how their interventions affect patient outcomes that they started proactively asking to look at QA/QI data themselves.

The JFK EMS webinar is now available on demand. Clinical managers can watch it to learn:

  • How cloud-based ePCR software facilitates easy access to emergency call data
  • How to approach medics with data-driven feedback on protocols, interventions, and patient response
  • How data from ZOLL devices and ePCR software data helps make access to and analysis of data easy for clinical managers and field crews
  • How QA/QI data can be the basis for specific feedback for individual team members, as well as a high-level view of how the whole department is operating

To learn more about JFK EMS, including details about the case studies, and to see how you can successfully implement QA/QI to improve clinical performance, watch “The Power of Data: Working Together for Positive Change in Clinical Care.” You’ll take away expert tips and actionable strategies on how to leverage data and optimize care in your own agency.

Read More About Using Data To Improve Quality:

Custom Reports Inform Your Quality Improvement Initiatives With Data-driven Insight

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