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Pulse Blog From ZOLL Data Systems

Cloud-based, Integrated CAD Solution Helps EMS Dispatchers Respond Faster and Make Data-driven Decisions
Continuing its mission to design software and data solutions that help EMS agencies improve performance from dispatch to discharge, ZOLL®...
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How One EMS Agency Cut Expenses and Improved Compliance While Spending 10% Less Time on PCRs

Monroe Ambulance’s (Monroe) providers often had challenges surrounding their patient care reports (PCRs) and wanted a morestreamlinedway to...
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How the Prior Authorization Process Tests Patients, Providers, and Profits

ZOLL Data Systems | Aug 30, 2023
The prior authorization (PA) process was created as a utilization management tool for insurance companies and patients. However, it has...
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How Multi-company Billing Creates a New Revenue Path for EMS Agencies

For smaller EMS agencies, difficulties with billing can have a multi-faceted effect on all areas of business. Small agencies may be dealing...
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How Bi-directional Data Exchange Delivers Insights That Improve the Continuum of Care

ZOLL Data Systems | Jul 25, 2023
Access to comprehensive patient data throughout the continuum of care is a major interest for multiple stakeholders. Emergency department...
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Mayo Clinic Ambulance Leverages Data From an Integrated Solution Suite to Improve Patient Care — ZOLL Pulse Award Winner

ZOLL Data Systems | Jun 29, 2023
Mayo Clinic Ambulance (Mayo Clinic) pursued an integrated platform that would allow them to advance patient care, medicine, and service,...
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St. Luke’s Emergency & Transport Services Increases Staff Productivity and Boosts Morale with Integrated Solution Suite — ZOLL Pulse Award Winner

ZOLL Data Systems | Jun 28, 2023
St. Luke’s Emergency & Transport Services (SLETS) needed to meet a demand of 25,000 yearly patients accounting for 5,000 transport requests...
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Virtua Improves Response Time, Reduces Spend, and Grows Their Health System — ZOLL Pulse Award Winner

ZOLL Data Systems | Jun 27, 2023
With two separate, siloed counties to manage, Virtua Health Patient Logistics (Virtua) found an opportunity to better control its data and...
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JFK EMS Cultivates a Culture of Quality Care Through Seamless Feedback — ZOLL Pulse Award Winner

ZOLL Data Systems | Jun 26, 2023
JFK University Medical Center (JFK EMS) needed a patient documentation software solution to better support their QA/QI processes. With a...
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Improve EMS Patient Satisfaction and Self-pay Balance Collections by Using a Modern Payment Platform

Patient satisfaction is a difficult puzzle for EMS providers to piece together. Medics are driven by a sincere desire to help people, but...
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