RescueNet Dispatch

Dispatch EMS with confidence.

RescueNet Dispatch is a user-friendly, state-of-the-art EMS CAD solution that makes your entire operation more efficient. Whether you're fielding emergency calls or scheduling routine pickups for ground or air transports, RescueNet Dispatch’s leading-edge architecture brings unmatched efficiency to your dispatch center.

With its high-performance features and smart technology, RescueNet Dispatch helps you streamline call-taking and dispatch while reducing response times. It utilizes intuitive modules that collect important trip information so future calls can be more efficient. It allows you to capture not only the information you MUST have, but also the information you NEED to make better business decisions.

Add RescueNet Web Viewer to your CAD system and monitor the status of your vehicles anytime, from anywhere. And with, your customers can make online transport requests and inquiries, as well as monitor call status. 


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