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Address the Evolving Needs of EMS

Keep pace with the progressive vision of pre-hospital care with a lightweight monitor designed for use with all patients, ranging from neonates through adults. When compressions fall out of range, the monitor guides rescuers back to high-quality, guidelines-compliant compressions. Open 12-lead capabilities reduce time-to-balloon by interfacing with all leading ECG management and STEMI systems. And cutting-edge open communication, including integrated WiFi, simplifies transmission and charting.


Resuscitation on the Move

Deliver customized, high-quality CPR whenever — and wherever — it’s needed with automated CPR. Engineered to account for patient-to-patient variability, automatically calculate the size, shape and resistance of each patient’s chest. A unique stabilizing board ensures patients receive nonstop compressions throughout their pre-hospital transport, even at the multiple angles required for rescuers to move the patient.


Intuitive Transport Ventilation for Infants to Adults

Make ventilation easy. Built on a platform designed for mobility, all of our ventilators weigh less than 10 pounds and feature a 10-hour battery run-time. Designed for optimal patient care of infants, pediatric patients and adults, our ventilators have CPAP (NPPV) with or without pressure support and Smart Help™ technology to guide the clinician when responding to alarms.


Enhance High-Quality CPR to Increase the Likelihood of Survival

Leverage a simple, non-invasive device that delivers intrathoracic pressure regulation (IPR) therapy during basic or advanced life support CPR to improve perfusion. Further increase blood return by actively re-expanding the chest to further enhance negative pressure.


Advance the Practice of Resuscitation

Early defibrillation is a critical component in treating sudden cardiac arrest. When sudden cardiac arrest occurs, the fact is that only half of the victims will need a shock, but all of them will need high-quality CPR. Our AEDs provide real-time CPR feedback on the depth and rate of chest compressions.