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ZOLL® AR Boost®

Uncover More Revenue
and Shrink AR by Knowing
Your Patients Financially

With patients increasingly responsible for more out-of-pocket expenses than ever before, correctly identifying self-pay patients and capturing maximum reimbursement for all services rendered can be a challenging and labor-intensive exercise. ZOLL® AR Boost® is a real-time accounts receivable (AR) solution that simplifies and expedites the pre-billing process, ensuring that no payments are left on the table. By delivering accurate, actionable data to reveal hidden coverage and drive self-pay and high-deductible conversions, ZOLL AR Boost helps healthcare billing professionals to capture complete patient information on the front-end and deliver 12% more revenue on average, faster and with 60% less returned mail.

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Deliver More

Revenue for Every Patient Visit with Game-Changing AR Optimization.

Accurate, Actionable Information with a Single Click

Missing or inaccurate patient information causes claim denials, delays reimbursement, and leaves patients feeling frustrated. Manually filling the data gaps wastes time and leads to misidentifying too many insured patients as self-pay. The ZOLL AR Boost data-as-a-service (DaaS) solution automates the process of ferreting out demographic and insurance information by integrating multiple data sources­—including insurance discovery, eligibility, FPL/charitable qualifications, deductible management, and propensity-to-pay — into a single, filtered feed. One simple query replaces multiple phone calls and database searches, rapidly delivering the verified data necessary for fast, accurate bill processing.

Benefits of ZOLL AR Boost

  • Demographic verification to obtain complete, accurate patient information
  • Automated prior authorization to accelerate the process from provider order through adjudication 
  • Insurance discovery to identify primary, secondary, and tertiary coverage and capture
    more revenue
  • Self-pay analysis to determine which patients are likely to pay or qualify for Medicaid or hardship discount
  • Insurance verification to access coverage details by service type, co-pay, deductibles and benefits
  • Deductible monitoring to provide real-time intelligence about a patient’s deductible fulfillment
  • Claim status to provide early insight into how your claim is progressing once submitted
  • Clearinghouse services to speed up reimbursements and strengthen revenue

Immediate, Measurable Results

Whether you’re a revenue cycle professional for pre-hospital, a physicians’ group, hospital, third-party billing, or an RCM software vendor, the ZOLL AR Boost solution is a game changer. You’ll deliver more results with benefits from day one, including:

  • Accurate patient information is identified automatically
  • Any valid coverage is instantly applied to claims
  • Fewer covered patients are sent to collections
  • More claims are processed faster
  • Agency cash flow improves
  • 60% less returned mail because of incorrect demographics
  • 12% more revenue on average
  • 30% increase in pre-billing efficiency within integrated environments


Put ZOLL AR Boost to work for your business.

Get ready to shrink the number of claims that you write off or send to collections, and capture every dollar of available revenue. Request a demo or more information, and let us show you how.


Physicians Billing Groups, Healthcare Billing Services, and RCM Vendors

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