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ZOLL® Billing

Achieve Exceptional EMS Billing Performance, Value, and Interoperability

Progressive revenue cycle management is, in many ways, the backbone of a thriving medical services operation. Controlling costs, increasing productivity, and accelerating reimbursements are essential activities that keep EMS agencies rolling. Yet efficiently progressing a claim through its lifecycle has traditionally been labor-intensive and prone to delays caused by documentation and coding inaccuracies. ZOLL® Billing is a cloud-based solution that enables revenue cycle professionals to turbo-charge billing performance and deliver more revenue. By automating workflows and eliminating billing errors, ZOLL Billing helps you process more claims with fewer resources and address compliance risk at the same time.


Deliver More

Revenue Faster and Drive Efficiency Throughout the Claim Lifecycle.

Integrated Billing, Coverage Discovery, and Compliance

ZOLL Billing integrates pre-billing activities, claims processing, and Medicare coding into one powerful tool that creates logical workflows and makes it easy to process accurate claims faster. Built-in ZOLL AR Boost® technology verifies patient demographics and insurance coverage/eligibility to maximize reimbursement and increase self-pay and high-deductible collections. Claims are routed properly, and billing lag is kept to a minimum. And since ZOLL Billing is cloud-based, it securely backs up data continuously and updates itself whenever Medicare codes change. You can rest assured that critical data is safe in case of power outage or loss of network connection and is shielded from cyber-threats.

Benefits of ZOLL Billing

  • Increase productivity and revenue with automated workflows that enable you to process more claims.
  • Cloud-based billing eliminates IT overhead while delivering benefits like automatic updates and secure 24/7 access from any device.
  • HIPAA compliance features protect patient privacy.
  • Track cash flow in real-time.
  • Payments visibility feature enables quick and accurate predictions about claim reimbursement value and timing.
  • Analytics shed light on how to receive payments faster without the hassle.
  • Rules-based and automated workflows build logical and efficiency in with fewer keystrokes, less memorization, and fewer manual tasks.
  • Confidence score allows for auto-acceptance of returned results.
  • Built-in Medicare fee schedule updates automatically to keep you current and links to any payer fee schedule.
  • Clearinghouse services speed up reimbursements and strengthen revenue.

See the Difference ZOLL Billing With Built-in AR Optimization Can Make

ZOLL Billing with ZOLL AR Boost automated healthcare data technology is transforming EMS billing operations. If you’re looking for an affordable way to reduce stress and increase your agency’s revenue, this cloud-based solution could be the answer. Call us today for a demo or more information to see how this solution can help you deliver more results with less effort.

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