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ZOLL® Fire Reports

Integrate Incident, Patient, and Operational Reporting in a Single RMS

Regardless of department size, fire operations are complex and highly regulated. Incident reporting is just the tip of the iceberg. Patient care, personnel management, fire inspection permits, and vehicle assignments all have documentation and compliance requirements. ZOLL® Fire Reports is a cloud-based fire records management system (RMS) that enables departments to manage all aspects of daily fire operations via a single, integrated solution. No more repetitive data entry in different applications: ZOLL Fire Reports saves time, reduces errors, and lets you prioritize what matters most—crew safety, saving lives, and improved outcomes.


Deliver More

ROI with Integrated Fire & EMS Data Management.

Secure, Compliant Fire Reporting and Operations Management

ZOLL Fire Reports pulls data from multiple sources, integrating information from inspectors, EMS professionals, incident commanders and fire/EMS incident reporting ensures NFIRS and HIPAA compliance and supports NFORS analytics. You can also customize the software to collect and analyze information specific to your department’s needs. All this functionality is at your fingertips, anywhere, from any device, using a single log-in.

Benefits of ZOLL Fire Reports

  • Single-incident Fire/EMS incident reporting
  • NFIRS reporting/Incident data collection
  • Occupancies
  • Inspections
  • Training records
  • Personnel
  • Investigations
  • Exposure
  • Daybook
  • Inspection and Permit Invoicing

Learn How ZOLL Fire Reports Can Transform Fire/EMS Data Management

ZOLL Fire Reports is a complete solution designed to manage all aspects of small and large fire departments. The return on investment (ROI) of automating your department’s record management system is often seen within the first year after implementation.

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