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ZOLL® Dispatch

Send the Right Resources Faster with Intelligent Dispatch

When seconds count, it’s imperative that EMS call takers and dispatchers have the tools to align response with transport need and the data to optimally position vehicles for swift response. Anticipating where crews will be needed saves time, and more importantly, saves lives. ZOLL® Dispatch is a data-rich call taking and computer-aided dispatch (CAD) solution that enables your team to respond quickly, communicate effectively, and deliver more quality outcomes efficiently. This intelligent solution reduces workload and errors, facilitates two-way communication with medical centers, and offers robust monitoring and QA functionality. The highly visual dashboard allows users to benchmark and measure performance for continuous operational improvements.

Deliver More

Response Efficiency, Crew Collaboration, and Operational Quality Improvement.

Faster Response, Better Performance

Whether the trip is emergent, non-emergent, or scheduled, collecting and sharing accurate patient information from the point of dispatch drives everything from better patient outcomes to efficient billing. ZOLL Dispatch integrates with ePCR software, streamlining onsite capture of medical history, insurance, and demographic data so that medics can focus more completely on patient care.

Benefits of ZOLL Dispatch

  • Streamlined dispatch and call taking
  • Intelligent vehicle routing
  • Fleet monitoring
  • Two-way mobile chat and livestreaming video communications
  • Minimized response delays
  • Keeps dispatchers on top of important trips
  • Preparedness for incoming incidents
  • Automatic communication of response assignments to affected units
  • Real-time response to dynamic conditions
  • Strategic crew placement in best locations

Right Resource, Right Place, Right Time

From leveraging historical and real-time data to optimally position your crews in the field, to determining the resource that can respond to the scene most quickly, ZOLL Dispatch's deep call data, records management and real-time situational analysis capabilities deliver more intelligence to drive better decisions.


Fleet Monitoring and Quality Assurance

ZOLL Dispatch users can enter, maintain, retrieve and use not only essential patient data, but also can capture user-defined data points to inform better business decisions. View a map of your service area to see the locations and status of your entire fleet and incidents in progress. Quickly scan the fleet or open incidents to monitor status or dig deeper and manage quality assurance.


Ambulance Fleet Deployment Strategy

Analyze your historical demand, create a deployment plan to cover it and respond in real time. Place crews and vehicles strategically in response to constantly changing conditions.


Dispatch in the
Palm of Your Hand

Use real-time cloud map navigation on any Android or iOS mobile device to view and respond to trip pick-up and drop-off points. Our ZOLL Respond application reduces unnecessary phone calls, enabling live chat and livestreaming video communication for direct connection between field crews and staff at medical facilities.

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