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Webinar: Treating Patients — Not Just Their Bills

Patient RCM Strategy Innovation Nets $42 Million Return

HFMA webinar titlecard

ARxChange used ZOLL® AR Boost data to optimize workflows based on micro-segmentation tied to the socioeconomic, demographic, and behavioral characteristics of patients. This progressive approach to patient financial engagement enabled their hospital client to:

  • • Increase patient collection by $35.8 minion (247%) while also reducing the cost to collect
  • • Collect $6.1 million of insurance payments (1.2% of total true self-pay balances) from missed eligibility coverage on accounts originally misidentified as true self-pay
  • • Streamline and accelerate processes to identify and enroll patients eligible for Medicaid
  • • Presumptively qualify patients for available financial assistance programs

To learn more, watch the HFMA webinar recording now.

Watch the Webinar Now

Presented by:

Juli Forde serves as Director of Strategic Partnerships for ZOLL® Data Systems. By harnessing the unique data mining and predictive analytics capabilities of the ZOLL AR Boost™ solution, she develops partnerships that enable health systems and providers to realize more revenue, decrease bad debt and increase operational efficiencies. Juli is a nationally known speaker on emergency medicine coding and reimbursement issues. She has served on committees for the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), the Emergency Department Practice Management Association (EDPMA), and the Urgent Care Association (UCA). She is currently a member of the Board of Directors of EDPMA and is one of a select few non-physician members of the ACEP Coding and Nomenclature Committee.

Juli Forde | Director of Strategic Partnerships at ZOLL Data Systems