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New COVID-19 Data Points Available for Patient Documentation Products.

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Data-Driven, Compliant & Customizable ePCR Software

Redefine how you collect patient care information by simplifying data input and improving access to information. Capture and access all pre-hospital patient, clinical and system information on tablets and mobile computers.
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Transform the Way Your Crew Works with Customizable, Cloud-Based ePCR

Tired of incomplete Patient Care Reports and a lack of visibility into your operations? Save time on data entry and ensure complete, valid information is submitted for each patient and incident. Because ZOLL ePCR is cloud based, it’s easy to administer, requires no IT overhaul, and offers just the right amount of control and customization to support your agency.

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Scale Your Operations with Our Highly Customizable In-premise Solution

Capture and access all necessary pre-hospital patient, clinical and system information in the field. RescueNet ePCR can be customized to meet your needs. It offers configurable screens to capture patient care data, an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, advanced reporting of all data captured in the field, a graphical workflow editor for designing custom workflows for Patient Care Report reviews, and a web-based component for reviewing and editing patient care reports.

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Complete PCRs faster with Quick Fill

Change the Way Your Crews Document

Completing PCRs can be time-consuming and repetitive, particularly if a call gets cancelled. But with ZOLL’s ePCR solution, that includes powerful workflow and Quick Fill management tools, you can help ensure better compliance. Create rules-based PCR reviews to make sure your team is focused on managing the issues that matter to you. Remove repetitive actions for the same types of calls to drastically reduce the time to complete a PCR. You can also automate the distribution of your PCRs so that your information is shared instantly and effortlessly.

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Capture Vital Patient Care Data on Your iPhone or iPad

Capture the most critical patient information quickly and easily. No more writing vitals or times on a glove or arm – just enter them into ePCR with a couple of taps. Scan drivers licenses, insurance cards and medications to eliminate typing completely.

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Community paramedicine software on monitor

Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Community Paramedicine programs help improve the overall health of the community. With conventional ePCR systems you’re blind to your patient’s past. EMS Mobile Health is patient-centric instead of incident-centric, which opens a window to the patient’s history and previous caregiver notes.

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What Our Customers are Saying

"With full control over what data gets collected, patient information can be aggregated into meaningful and predictive data."

Jamie Chebra, EMS Director | JFK EMS

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