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Seamless integration at the time of patient care and during the transition to hospital care reduces the need for additional back-end solutions and costly, labor-intensive workflows to locate patient information.  

Watch this complimentary webinar to find out how to: 

  • Identify appropriate patient and healthcare data for sharing and integration 
  • Recognize the benefits of prehospital, patient-centric data for improving the patient and provider experiences 
  • Understand the importance of data associated with the Joint Commission and STEMI, Stroke, Trauma, and Specialty Center requirements 
  • Leverage prehospital data streams for accurate patient demographic and insurance discovery information 

To learn more, watch this webinar now.

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About the Speaker

Julie Forde

Director of Strategic Partnerships
ZOLL Data systems

About the Speaker

Dr. Greg Mears

MD - Media Director
ZOLL Data systems

About the Speaker

Greg Howard

Director of Strategic Sales
ZOLL Data systems