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Hospital system leaders are seeking accurate, timely health information exchanges as they aim to improve the quality of patient care and clinical outcomes. Advance communication and coordination between pre-hospital and hospital resources can have a significant impact on patient outcomes. Timely collaboration with pre-hospital providers can have a positive impact on compliance, accreditation, patient and provider safety, operational efficiency, and revenue.

Watch this webinar to learn:
  • The potential risks in existing emergency care and acute care workflows
  • Strategies for creating successful partnerships with pre-hospital providers
  • The current state of pre-hospital and hospital interoperability 
  • How to overcome the challenges associated with EMS integration
  • The benefits of integrating pre-hospital data
  • How technology can bridge the interoperability gap and improve productivity and compliance

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About the Speaker

Mario Sanchez is the senior product manager for ZOLL Care Exchange, providing integration between EMS PCRs and hospital EMRs. Mario has managed business integration and healthcare software products for over 20 years, for organizations including UnitedHealth Group, LabCorp, and ThermoFisher Scientific and currently ZOLL Data Systems.

Mario Sanchez, Senior Product Manager, ZOLL Data Systems

About the Speaker

Greg Howard has worked in public safety for nearly 20 years in private, public, municipal, and the air medical industry. His experience includes teaching paramedic courses, being a National Registry evaluator, and business development for a large air medical service.  Greg brings extensive knowledge of public safety, the paramedic mindset, customer focus, and problem-solving abilities to help customers achieve their goals. Greg currently represents the ZOLL Care Exchange hospital interoperability product on a national level connecting EMS agencies with hospitals and health systems.

Greg Howard, Global Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences, ZOLL Data Systems