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If you're unhappy with the total revenue brought in by our current billing vendor, this might be your opportunity to bring billing in-house. Having your own team take on EMS billing may provide you with some financial and operational advantages, but let's make sure you are ready for this change. Software, staffing, and compliance are just a few key components to make an in-house billing operation successful.

Questions to Consider:

  • What is your annual claim volume?

  • Do you currently bill in-house or leverage a third party for your billing needs?

  • If you bill in-house, how many full-time billers do you have on staff?

Watch the Recording

Watch the webinar to learn more about whether bringing EMS billing in-house could be right for you.

About the Speaker

Jennifer Surban has been in the healthcare industry for more than 15 years, starting in emergency physician compensation and billing, emergency room billing, and she eventually moved into ambulance billing. Throughout her healthcare career, she has been tasked to create tools to help staff perform their jobs more efficiently, accurately, and compliantly through improved processes, contracts, reporting, hospital integrations, and software. Jennifer has worked closely with billing staff and leadership to understand their needs and has been instrumental in building systems to meet their goals.

Jennifer Surban, Product Manager, ZOLL Billing