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    ZOLL emsCharts cloud-based patient care reporting software guides clinicians efficiently through complete, accurate patient documentation to help agencies ensure quality care, compliance, and optimum reimbursement.


    Build Dynamic Patient Care Reports That Tell a Complete Story

    When minutes matter, patients — not clinical charting — are the priority. Yet an accurate, complete electronic patient care report (ePCR) records life-saving interventions and establishes the foundation for the best possible outcomes after transfer of care. ZOLL emsCharts reduces time-consuming, manual data entry tasks to minutes, enabling clinicians to deliver more quality care to patients while creating detailed documentation that informs every step of the patient’s care, from medical decisions to billing. It guides clinicians through charting data collection, customizable to align with your agency’s workflows and priority data fields.

    ZOLL emsCharts

    Accuracy, Speed, and System-wide Data Availability

    Manual documentation is time-consuming and sometimes impractical in the field. Incomplete ePCRs put patients at risk and cause compliance and billing headaches later. ZOLL emsCharts is a proven, cloud-based charting solution that is purpose-built to deliver unmatched ease-of-use, fidelity, and data confidence. Records integrate with ZOLL Dispatch and ZOLL Billing, offering advanced data availability to eliminate redundancies and help create error-free, streamlined workflows. The ZOLL emsCharts solution also automatically imports and associates patient vitals and waveforms directly from the most commonly deployed medical devices, giving clinicians and QA/QI teams one-stop access to a complete patient care story. It is device agnostic, enabling users to collect data using a browser on any internet-enabled device, online or offline.

    Benefits of ZOLL emsCharts

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    • Reduces time spent on charting and data entry
    • Offers customizable list options and ability to hide unused fields or require priority fields
    • Enables starting and completing the chart online or offline — upload when connected to the internet
    • Frees up more time for patient care
    • Captures the data you need to meet your agency’s requirements
    • Imports patient vitals and waveforms from connected medical devices
    • Ensures compliance with state requirements and billing
    • Customizes dashboards with real-time data feed and unlimited user-defined reports
    • Integrates with ZOLL Dispatch, medical devices, ZOLL Billing, and ZOLL Care Exchange for access to medical, demographic, and insurance data
    • Built for HL7 bi-directional health information exchange
    • Helps ensure better compliance with state requirements and billing needs
    • Provides optimal HIPAA-compliant security, scalability, and availability
    • Enables patient care documentation using any browser and internet-enabled device
    • Enables NEMSIS v2 and v3 export to State repositories (including v3.5) and NFIRS reporting
    • Enables for rapid, secure patient data capture on scene when combined with the ZOLL emsCharts NOW mobile companion app

    NEMSIS Compliant

    Meet data management requirements and send data to your state automatically. The current version of ZOLL emsCharts is available to organizations in states accepting the latest NEMSIS 3.5 standard data. ZOLL emsCharts also works with multiple versions of NEMSIS simultaneously, so if your organization works in several states, rest assured that ZOLL emsCharts can handle different versions of NEMSIS to ensure compliance.


    High-performance, On-scene Data Capture with ZOLL emsCharts NOW

    Our integrated ZOLL emsCharts NOW mobile companion app lets clinicians quickly, conveniently, and securely capture critical patient data at the time of contact, using standard mobile devices. Collecting patient data contemporaneously saves time and helps improve the completeness and accuracy of the ePCR. ZOLL emsCharts NOW is purpose-built to perform with robust field functionality on iOS and Android devices. Data is saved locally when no active internet connection is available, so providers can chart confidently and compliantly on scene, without fear of data loss or rework later on.


    Single-click Access to X Series® and X Series Advanced Clinical Data

    Supervisors and clinical quality improvement managers can spend a great deal of time searching for medical device cases based on time stamps. With the ZOLL emsCharts RescueNet® CaseReview link, case files are available with one click right from the electronic patient care record (ePCR). Bypassing tedious searches, QA/QI supervisors can access X Series and X Series Advanced files directly and review the case side by side with the chart. The RescueNet CaseReview link is only available with the ZOLL emsCharts ePCR solution.

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    " The MedCenter Air Team of Atrium Health has been using ZOLL emsCharts since 2005. We have been sincerely ecstatic about the user interface, the customizable functionality, and the exceptional customer service from the team at ZOLL."

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