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    The ZOLL AR Boost Demographic Verifier tool enhances core demographics on more than 82% of patient claims, on average.


    Find, Fix, and Verify Demographic Information in Real Time

    Faulty patient demographic data is the number one reason for denied claims and failed insurance eligibility. Billers spend hours chasing down accurate information from patients, leaving everyone frustrated. The ZOLL AR Boost Demographic Verifier tool solves this daunting problem, allowing billers to obtain complete and accurate patient information in an instant. When applied at the front end of the billing process, our tool improves statement delivery, reduces the cost of claims, and accelerates payments.


    Improve Your Clean Claim Rate and Reduce Denials

    For the billing process to be efficient and effective, access to accurate, comprehensive demographic data is essential. Our powerful Demographic Verifier tool searches multiple sources to ensure better results with fewer errors. Moreover, it is the only demographic verification tool that provides a confidence score based on our proprietary 108-point algorithm, designed exclusively for the medical practice environment. It enables intelligent decision making based on these attributes:

    • Name (first, middle, last)
    • Date of birth
    • Social Security number
    • Phone number
    • Phone type
    • Current and previous addresses
    • Address reported date

    Benefits of ZOLL AR Boost Demographic Verifier

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    • Lighter front-end workload, freeing up staff for higher-value activities
    • Accelerates revenue cycle
    • Reduces operational expenses
    • Prevents claim rejections and denials
    • Improves delivery rates
    • Minimizes risk of HIPPA violations and data breaches

    Webinar on Demand

    5 Tips for Optimizing EMS Reimbursement Revenue

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    5 Tips for Optimizing EMS Reimbursement Revenue

    Corrects and replaces faulty or missing data for 60% or more encounters in real time

    Reduce returned mail by 60%

    The only demographic verification solution with a confidence score based on our proprietary 108-point algorithm

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    The ZOLL AR Boost solution suite includes automated tools to find, correct, and verify patient and payer information in real time. It eliminates the need to query multiple databases, helping ensure that all revenue sources are identified, accelerating claims processing, and reducing claim denials.

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