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    ZOLL® Data Systems helps RCM resellers deliver more revenue to your customers faster by adding ZOLL AR Boost® tools to your offering.


    Decrease Denials, Increase Your Clean Claims, and Uncover More Revenue

    What if you could quickly and easily discover 40% or more active coverage and correct core demographic data on more than 82% of your customers’ claims at the pre-billing stage? The ZOLL AR Boost solution suite solves insurance discovery, demographic and insurance verification, and eligibility challenges by providing complete, accurate data in near real time. Adding ZOLL AR Boost to your offering can shrink receivables and shorten time to cash for your customers. They can capture more revenue, helping to reinforce their satisfaction with your services.

    Teaming up With the RCM Optimization Leader

    ZOLL Data Systems brings expertise in RCM optimization technology and healthcare billing to every partnership. We can help providers and resellers select the right tools to achieve your objectives and complement your existing offering. Our integration team is here to get you up and running quickly, but support doesn’t stop there. Our strong commitment to customer service after the sale means peace of mind for you. We are here when you need us, and we are invested in your success.

    ZOLL Data Systems partners enjoy:

    • Direct integration support
    • Robust, proven infrastructure
    • Option to white label
    • Solution training
    • Joint marketing opportunities
    • Access to RCM optimization subject matter expertise

    ZOLL AR Boost Partner Benefits

    Partner With Us
    • Enable your customers to increase their clean claim rate
    • Find additional coverage for self-pay claims and reduce write-offs
    • Analyze self-pay claims to determine which patients are likely to pay or qualify for Medicaid or hardship discounts
    • Immediately realize strong ROI through higher efficiency and lower cost per claim
    • Strengthen customer relationships by increasing satisfaction

    Explore All of the ZOLL AR Boost Tools

    The ZOLL AR Boost solution suite includes automated tools to find, correct, and verify patient and payer information in real time. It eliminates the need to query multiple databases, helping ensure that all revenue sources are identified, accelerating claims processing, and reducing claim denials.

    Insurance DiscoveryInsurance
    Demographic VerifierDemographic
    Insurance VerifierInsurance
    Prior AuthorizationPrior
    Self-pay AnalyzerSelf-pay
    Deductible MonitoringDeductible
    Claim StatusClaim
    Medicaid RedeterminationMedicaid
    MBI LookupMBI
    Clearinghouse ServicesClearinghouse

    Connect With an Expert

    See how ZOLL AR Boost can be easily integrated into your current billing, practice management, or electronic medical records (EMR) platform.

    Connect With an Expert

    See how ZOLL AR Boost can be easily integrated into your current billing, practice management, or electronic medical records (EMR) platform.