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  • ZOLL® Development Partner Program

    ZOLL medical devices collect a vast amount of critical patient data at the point of care. Sharing this data through the ZOLL Data Systems software developer kit (SDK) can improve patient outcomes.


    Making Life-saving Data More Accessible

    The goal of the ZOLL Development Partner Program (ZDPP) is to leverage the intelligence in ZOLL devices and share it with third-party ePCR and EMR platform partners to make life-saving data more accessible throughout the workflow — before, during, and after the patient’s visit to the hospital. The ZOLL Data Systems code data team provides this open, partner-agnostic program with the tools to enable you to facilitate your development and reduce your time to market. Our ZOLL SDK allows our partners to access ZOLL medical device data so that they can incorporate this intelligence into their applications.

    Unleashing the Analytical Capabilities of ZOLL Devices

    ZOLL devices collect a great deal of patient information. The goal of the ZDPP is to expose and share the intelligence from ZOLL devices with ZOLL partners and their applications so that life-saving data can become more accessible throughout the workflow — before, during, and after the patient’s visit to the hospital. The ZDPP exists to enable life-saving data to be passed from emergency responders to hospital clinicians to physicians to allow better patient treatment regardless of vendor. We’re simplifying the process of saving lives and treating patients by sharing critical emergency response data more widely.

    Facilitating Data Integration and Reducing Your Time-to-Market

    Time is money, and we realize that the ZOLL devices are just one component of your ePCR solution so you cannot spend a disproportionate amount of time integrating them. That’s why we have a complete partner program. When you join the ZDPP, you not only get access to our SDK that includes development tools, documentation, and sample code, but you also get access to the partner portal, feature requests, developer support, our web API, debugging tools, and loaner units to expedite your development so that you can get to market faster.

    Keeping Partners Current With the Latest Science From ZOLL

    ZOLL is known in the industry for innovation, especially in the field of cardiac science. As we build more intelligence into our devices, as new features are implemented, and as new ZOLL products come to market, development partners get access to new versions of our SDK to allow them to take advantage of new features and capabilities. Don’t get left behind — stay current by joining the ZDPP.

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