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    The ZOLL AR Boost Insurance Verifier tool combines innovative technology with receivables expertise to confirm eligibility and benefits in real time.


    Confirm Active, Billable Coverage With a Single Query

    No more bouncing between websites to run eligibility transactions — with our ZOLL AR Boost Insurance Verifier tool, billers get the information needed for optimum reimbursement faster. From service type, to co-pay and deductibles, to benefits — billers access the data they need to verify eligibility from a single access point. Our tool means less effort on the front end, translating into faster claim submissions and shorter time to cash.

    Insurance-Verifier_Super-charge Coverage

    Super-charge Coverage and Eligibility Searches

    Our Insurance Verifier tool assesses insurance coverage, co-pays, deductibles, secondary coverage, and codes in real time or through batch processing. The entire process of searching for patient information is streamlined — just a single query will detect and verify active, billable coverage.

    Benefits of ZOLL AR Boost Insurance Verifier

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    • Rapid, accurate, up-front coverage determination
    • Real-time benefits and eligibility
    • Reduced administrative burden
    • Improved reimbursements
    • Higher clean claim rates
    • Fewer rejections and payment delays
    • Dynamic routing flows bills to correct payer
    • Prevents "coverage not found" errors
    • Manages payer unresponsiveness in accordance with workflows


    5 Tips for Optimizing EMS Reimbursement Revenue

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    The ZOLL AR Boost solution suite includes automated tools to find, correct, and verify patient and payer information in real time. It eliminates the need to query multiple databases, helping ensure that all revenue sources are identified, accelerating claims processing, and reducing claim denials.

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