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  • ZOLL® AR Boost® Self-pay Analyzer

    The ZOLL AR Boost Self-pay Analyzer tool improves your self-pay collection rate by more than 30% while supporting personalized financial options that improve patient satisfaction.


    Improve Self-pay Collections

    One size does not fit all when it comes to payment plans. Healthcare providers can offer patients a better financial experience using our ZOLL AR Boost Self-pay Analyzer tool. It enables a personalized approach to self-pay accounts that can lead to dramatically improved collection rates and greater patient satisfaction.


    Maximize Revenue With Access to Valuable Financial Data

    Our Self-pay Analyzer tool provides billers with insight into each patient’s unique financial characteristics, including available credit without impacting the patient’s credit score. The tool uses various income and credit indicators to build a financial profile of the patient, even pulling community-based credit information when other information is not available. Partnering with patients on the financial aspects of their care and offering customized payment plans has been proven to improve self-pay collection rates by more than 30%. Moreover, a positive financial experience contributes to the patient’s overall satisfaction with their healthcare provider and the care they received.

    Benefits of ZOLL AR Boost Self-pay Analyzer

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    • 30%+ improvement in self-pay collections
    • 30%+ presumed self-pay accounts converted to payer coverage
    • Automatically group self-pay receivables by propensity to pay
    • Improve cost-to-collect ratios
    • Verify who is eligible for charitable or prompt-pay discounts in compliance with price transparency rules
    • Provide personalized financial experiences that improve patient satisfaction
    • Reduce agency contingency fees

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    10 Ways To Increase Your Average Patient Collection Rate

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    The ZOLL AR Boost solution suite includes automated tools to find, correct, and verify patient and payer information in real time. It eliminates the need to query multiple databases, helping ensure that all revenue sources are identified, accelerating claims processing, and reducing claim denials.

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