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    The ZOLL AR Boost Prior Authorization tool is an end-to-end, centralized solution for providers and payers that streamlines the prior authorization (PA) submission and decision processes, saving valuable time for users.


    Obtain Real-time PA Guidance and Decisions at the Point of Care

    The ZOLL AR Boost Prior Authorization tool saves valuable time for providers and payers by centralizing and automating manual tasks, eliminating much of the red tape that can hamper the PA process and delay treatment. Our tool delivers real-time guidance and decisions at the point of care and provides payer access in near real-time to electronic medical record (EMR) and demographic data.


    Centralized, AI-enhanced PA Processing for Efficient, Effective Decisions

    Our PA tool relieves front-end staff and physicians of heavy administrative burdens so they can focus on the patient instead of the paperwork. Providers can validate a PA request against payer guidelines automatically, submit it, and receive swift determination and adjudication from the payer in a fraction of the time compared to the manual approach. Time-saving, automated features and a centralized process streamline complex workflows and help enable better health outcomes for patients.

    Payers can use our powerful PA tool for decision support to help streamline complex utilization management processes. The tool automates approvals and responses to providers using payer-selected guidelines and with our advanced artificial intelligence (AI) engine payers can make better, faster PA decisions.

    Benefits of ZOLL AR Boost Prior Authorization

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    For Providers

    • Efficient PA process and adjudication with less administrative burden
    • Patient benefits, eligibility, coordination of benefits, and PA verification completed instantly
    • Automatic submission of PA requests directly to payers
    • Artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced identification and validation of PA requirements based on payers, plans, and groups
    • Seamless integration with provider’s EMR system
    • Automatic PA monitoring and information updates with status visibility in the portal

    For Payers

    • Better decision support
    • Reduced administrative burden
    • Near real-time access to EMR and demographic data
    • Artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced identification and validation of PA requirements based on unique plan and group information
    • Automated approvals and responses
    • Seamless integration with payer’s utilization management system
    • Increased opportunities for healthcare plans to engage members
    • Cost savings through averted hospitalizations and emergency care

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    Take the Pain Out of Prior Authorization

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