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City of Allentown EMS Achieves Exceptional Financial Performance and Workflow Efficiency with Move to Cloud-based Billing Software — ZOLL Pulse Award Winner

ZOLL Data Systems | Jun 9, 2022

City of Allentown EMS (Allentown EMS) management had a vision for moving to a cloud-based billing solution to support the growing need to accommodate remote work, accelerate insurance claim payments, and eliminate reliance on the one and only City employee who could maintain and administer their EMS billing software. To make their vision a reality, the agency applied for and received a grant that enabled them to convert their on-premises RescueNet billing system to a cloud-based ZOLL Billing system with laptops.

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New Cloud-based Billing Software Brings Efficiencies and Improved Reporting

Once ZOLL Billing software was implemented, Allentown EMS billing operations became so efficient that the billing clerk was able to take on more advanced responsibilities for the Allentown EMS chief in the new role of department clerk. On a practical level, the cloud-based billing solution has improved reporting, which helps justify the agency’s annual budget and appropriately preserves more financial resources for enhanced patient care. The EMS chief can now run reports to analyze performance and to identify frequent 911 users who need social services to prevent unnecessary emergency transport and trips to the hospital.

Allentown EMS Gets High Marks for Saving Taxpayer Dollars and Wins a ZOLL Pulse Award

Allentown EMS’ decision to convert from on-premises to cloud-based billing software helped them achieve positive ROI in the first year and drive down expenses. Their decisiveness in pursuing a grant to facilitate the conversion demonstrates savvy business strategy, as well as responsible use of taxpayer dollars. Highlights of results include:

    • Achieved positive ROI of $22,000 in the first year  
    • Found more than $50,000 in incremental revenue 
    • Saved $8,100 annually by eliminating incremental clearinghouse costs  
    • Saved $3,600 annually by eliminating most paper statements and postage  
    • Reduced billing team staff by .5 FTE and redeployed employee to higher-value responsibilities

Allentown EMS received a 2022 ZOLL Pulse Award on May 10, 2022, at ZOLL Summit. Presented annually, the awards recognize agencies that are committed to driving better clinical and financial outcomes.

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To learn more about how the City of Allentown EMS applied resourceful thinking and technology strategies to transform operations, enhance patient care, and save taxpayer dollars, read the case study.

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