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Customer Community

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Please register here to request access to the ZOLL Data Systems Customer Community or to request removal of an existing user’s access. Your customer number can be found on your ZOLL Data Systems invoice and helps us ensure that requests for access are from legitimate customer users.

We will make every attempt to process new requests for access within two business days for new access requests and within one business day for removal of access.

Access Type

  • Support-only Access Provides access to support cases, knowledgebase, discussion groups, and ideas.
  • Finance-only AccessProvides access to finance cases, access to invoices, payments, and subscriptions once approved by the ZOLL Data Systems finance department.
  • Support and Finance AccessProvides access to all of the above.
  • Remove User AccessRemoves access for a user in your organization.

When making a request to remove user access, please be sure to include the full name of the individual we should remove and specify the reason for removal.

Please provide any additional relevant information below: