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    Don’t let incomplete, inaccurate patient and payer data increase claim denials and reduce payments. ZOLL Billing RCM optimization tools automatically find, correct, and verify information to find more coverage and shrink receivables. See how much more revenue you could capture with ZOLL Billing.

    Try our revenue capture calculator below.

    50 Trips (annual)
    The total number of trips for the year
    200 Average Collection Claim $
    This number is calculated by dividing total payments received by the number of billed and paid trips over a determined period of time.
    10% AR > 90
    This is the percentage of your accounts that are in Accounts Receivable for more than 90 days.
    5% Self-pay %
    This percentage is calculated by dividing the total amount of Self-pay A/R over 90 by the Self-pay Total Balance.
    3% Denial %
    This percentage is calculated by determining the number of trips billed divided by the number of trips you on which you received denials.


    Left on the Table

    Potential revenue left on thetable from presumed self-pay claims


    Captured With ZOLL Billing

    Automatically find active, billable coverage for 70% of claims, on average, with unknown insurance.

    Left on the Table

    Potential revenue locked in accounts receivable (AR) past 90 days


    Captured With ZOLL Billing

    Reduce days in AR, write-offs, and accelerate time to cash by automatically discovering complete demographics, active coverage, deductible status, and propensity to pay.

    Left on the Table

    Potential revenue delayed or lost due to claim denials


    Captured With ZOLL Billing

    Prevent up to 66% of claim denials by automatically finding and verifying  complete, accurate commercial and government payer information.

    Left on the Table

    Potential revenue reduction due to returned mail expenses


    Captured With ZOLL Billing

    Reduce returned mail by 60% and improve patient communication by automatically  finding, correcting, and verifying core demographic information.

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