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ZOLL® EMS Mobile Health

Reduce Emergencies through Community Paramedicine

Community paramedicine and the ET3 initiative aim to reduce the frequency of 911 calls from frequent users and prevent hospital readmissions through education and mobile visits. ZOLL® EMS Mobile Health helps providers care for patients with chronic illnesses while teaching them more effective self-care strategies.


Deliver More

Proactive, Tailored Patient Care.

Track Outcomes Over Time

Typical ePCR solutions don’t provide the right approach for effective community paramedicine, because they use an event-based approach to care. ZOLL EMS Mobile Health focuses on patient care over time and enables you to scale your program while maintaining the quality of services that you’re known for.

Benefits of ZOLL EMS Mobile Health

  • Streamline each visit and support improved healthcare for patients
  • See and set patient goals, review history of prior visits, and identify trends to tailor care with each new visit
  • Get automated alerts when vitals and lab values are out of normal range
  • Provide an instant overview of new referrals, making it easy to manage caseloads and scale your program
  • Share critical patient data with other healthcare partners
Community Paramedicine_screen

Better Care, Greater Efficiency

Simplify and expedite patient care documentation. Designed specifically for mobile integrated healthcare and community paramedicine, ZOLL EMS Mobile Health allows you to securely access and edit a patient’s medical history. You can share critical patient data with other healthcare partners, receive automated alerts when vitals and lab values are out of normal range, and provide an instant overview of new referrals.

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