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ZOLL® emsCharts® NOW

ZOLL® emsCharts® NOW
Captures Critical Patient Data at the Time of Contact


In the midst of an emergency, EMS providers have been known to hastily scribble vital patient information on gloves, medical tape, and note pads to sort through and make sense of later. It’s a less-than-ideal situation, but logging into browser-based ePCR software from the field can be difficult — or impossible. Until now, the only viable alternative was a specialized Windows device running full-version software. Those devices are costly to acquire and maintain, and they require significant IT resources.

ZOLL emsCharts NOW, the mobile companion app to our cloud-based ePCR solution, ZOLL emsCharts, solves those problems and more. It transforms the process of charting on scene, enabling providers to quickly, conveniently, and securely capture critical patient data at the time of contact, using a standard agency-issued or personal mobile device.

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Collect Patient Data Contemporaneously

Charting takes significant time when done correctly. EMS providers often describe it as “the worst part” of their day. The ZOLL emsCharts NOW mobile companion app enables paramedics and EMTs to collect patient data contemporaneously, while they are at the scene. Contemporaneous documentation via a single input point replaces reliance on memory to capture the actions taken and the sequence, reducing errors and improving compliance. Time-saving features include:

  • Sleek, easy-to-navigate user interface (UI)
  • QR code and link options to transfer ePCR data to other crew members or agencies
  • Timers to log when intervention starts (NARCAN administration, time between medication doses, etc.)

Chart Confidently, Compliantly, and Securely

The need for an active, secure internet connection to chart is inconvenient, impractical, and inefficient in rural areas, locations where buildings interfere with connectivity, or in developed areas where switching between networks causes disruptions. Intermittent connectivity results in loss of data and the necessity for recreating previous documentation — a frustrating waste of time for the provider that also increases the risk for data errors and omissions.

Our mobile companion app has robust field functionality and saves data locally when no active internet connection is available. The local database is encrypted at rest and in transit to comply with HIPAA requirements. Providers can chart confidently and securely on scene, without fear of data loss or rework later on.

  • No internet connectivity or cellular plan required
  • App auto-saves data, preventing accidental loss
  • Encrypted database complies with HIPAA requirements
  • Once data is uploaded to ZOLL emsCharts, it is automatically cleared from the mobile device
  • App permits only registered users to sign in

Save Time With Rapid, Intuitive Mobile Charting

Full-version software user interfaces are optimized for laptop or desktop computers and can be slow and difficult to navigate via mobile devices. Our ZOLL emsCharts NOW app is built from the ground up for a high-performance user experience. Designed for mobile environments, its intuitive UI saves time and simplifies charting by providing quick, easy access to commonly administered medications and medical interventions.

  • Quick-action buttons for rapid access to frequently used fields
  • One-click documentation of common ailments, allergies, and medications.
  • Scan driver’s license barcode to import demographics
  • Voice-to-text capabilities
  • Information import from dispatch CAD software (address, nature of call, etc.)
  • Familiar UI look and feel to enhance ease of use

Reduce Equipment Costs With Standard Mobile Devices

Specialized Windows devices like Toughbooks are expensive to acquire and maintain. They require considerable IT support, and when they’re damaged or reach the end of their useful lives, they’re a significant expense for agencies. ZOLL emsCharts NOW is purpose-built to perform on standard, agency-issued or personal iOS and Android devices, significantly reducing both equipment and IT support costs.

  • No configuration for IT staff to learn or maintain — integrated with ZOLL emsCharts software
  • App takes full advantage of native device functions (gestures, controls, display modes, voice recognition, etc.)
  • Device’s native tools enable advanced functions not possible on Windows devices
  • Integration with Google maps for real-time navigation

Benefits of ZOLL emsCharts NOW

  • Collects patient data that is important now – at point of contact
  • Provides a single input point, making it easier to capture details accurately in the moment 
  • Quick, easy access to commonly used fields saves times and simplifies charting
  • Enables secure, HIPAA-compliant charting, with or without internet connection
  • Encrypts and stores data locally until uploaded
  • Significantly reduces both equipment and IT support costs