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  • Fees Addendum

    Fees in an Order for Software or SaaS are subject to adjustment as set forth below. Usage is measured against the Unit indicated in an Order. Capitalized terms not defined below but used herein will have the same meaning as in the Master Software, SaaS and Services Agreement. If Monthly Fees are based on the quantity of Concurrent Users, Monthly Fees will be increased by $10 per month for any User registered exceeding 200% of the permitted quantity of Concurrent Users.

    SaaS or Software Audit Period Threshold Adjustment
    ZOLL® AR Boost®
    Monthly following the Monthly Fees Commencement Date
    Total Monthly Fee for ZOLL AR Boost
    If the sum of the actual monthly usage of all ZOLL AR Boost line items in an Order times the applicable Unit Price exceeds the Monthly Fees, Customer will pay an amount equal to such excess usage times the applicable Unit Price. In no event will Customer pay less than the applicable Monthly Fees for any month.
    Mobile Care Connect
    Monthly following the Monthly Fees Commencement Date
    100% of monthly Order Quantity
    Each month, Customer will pay an amount equal to actual monthly usage times the applicable Unit Price; provided that Customer will not be pay for usage above 1,800 Units nor pay for less than 300 Units in any month.
    RescueNet® Billing Pro
    RescueNet ePCR (SaaS)
    Packaged Services
    ZOLL Billing
    ZOLL emsCharts
    ZOLL Fire Reports
    ZOLL Respond
    Annually following the Monthly Fees Commencement Date
    110% of annual Order Quantity
    If actual annual usage of the applicable SaaS exceeds the Threshold, then Customer will pay for actual usage above the annual Order Quantity times the Unit Price.* If actual annual usage is more than 10% below annual Order Quantity, then ZOLL will issue a credit in the amount of 10% of the annual Order Quantity times the Unit Price. The Order Quantity for future months will automatically adjust to the average actual monthly usage during the Audit Period (or a subset of the Audit Period if such subset more accurately reflects projected future usage) as determined by the audit; provided that the Order Quantity will not decrease by more than 10%. The audit will exclude any Exclusions listed as a line-item in an Order, and Exclusions will be increased or decreased pro rata with adjusted Order Quantity following an audit.
    RescueNet @Work
    RescueNet Billing
    RescueNet Dispatch
    RescueNet Eligibility
    RescueNet ePCR (Software)
    RescueNet FireRMS
    RescueNet Navigator
    As needed
    Increased Quantity times Unit Price.