RescueNet FireRMS


Not Just for Fire Incident Reporting

ZOLL’s solution for fire departments is not a simple NFIRS fire incident reporting software, it is a complete solution designed to manage all aspects of small and large fire departments.

It’s All in There!

While other fire department management solutions are mainly for incident reporting and offer extended services at an additional charge, ZOLL’s fire department management solution is all inclusive. All modules of the solution are tightly integrated, which minimizes redundant data entry and report completion time, and reduces the cost associated with administrative services allowing you to focus on life-saving operations.  

Modules included within ZOLL’s solution for fire departments address the data collection and management of incidents; inspections; hydrants; personnel and training records; crew/shift scheduling; inventory/equipment and more.

Customize it to Meet Your Business Needs

One of the key differences between ZOLL fire department management solution and other fire records management solutions on the market is the ability to customize and configure the software to view and collect the data that is important to your organization – all without costly programming.