Platforms and Apps

With ZOLL you receive the best and most complete data management system for EMS and fire services with the choice of how to manage it.  ZOLL gives your organization the most control, the highest compliance with state and national standards, and the best connections with your partners.  Nobody dispatches, documents and bills more EMS trips together than ZOLL.


For organizations who want or are required to manage their data at their location or for organizations that can't rely on internet connectivity,  ZOLL offers the RescueNet Suite, an integrated line of enterprise software for Fire and EMS organizations.   


For organizations with a smaller IT department or no IT department at all, ZOLL offers a hosted solution allowing you to benefit from our enterprise solutions without the IT headaches.


ZOLL has developed a fully integrated cloud software service that provides your organization a number of connectivity applications without local storage or administration requirements.  With ZOLL Online, your team easily can set up one administration portal to see, report, and manage how data flows between your mission critical applications without tying up day to day resources.  We realize that control and flexibility are not always opposing constraints.  ZOLL Online provides both your office staff and field employees the right information at the right time so that critical information isn’t lost in the cracks.  ZOLL Online is there so you no longer need to manage a sea of interfaces and applications just to see what you really want, when you want it. Check out our SaaS platform at