RescueNet Crew Scheduler


Smart Scheduling Saves Both Time and Money

Time and money are the two main ingredients involved in scheduling and attendance. Interestingly, it’s the same two things that using RescueNet Crew Scheduler will save your organization.

SAVE TIME - Here is how RescueNet Crew Scheduler will save your organization time:

  • Saving your shift types and rotations into templates make rolling out new schedules each month a breeze
  • Reducing roster lists to qualified and available staff speeds up staffing decisions
  • Scheduling holes fill themselves with employee initiated shift bidding and trading
  • Approved PTO requests automatically flag any schedule conflicts
  • Schedule information is already tied to timesheet data, so no need to compare the two to discover early and late punches.
  • “Approve All” lets payroll staff deal with timesheets that have exceptions, auto-approving others.
  • Employees view their schedules, enter their own PTO requests, and select when they want to work. No more called supervisors to get this information.

SAVE MONEY - Here is how RescueNet Crew Scheduler will save your organization money:

  • Fill open positions with non-overtime staff because you know their scheduled hours
  • View pay rate information when selecting staff replacements
  • Increased schedule compliance means more filled shifts and more revenue
  • Eliminate unapproved early and late punching
  • Eliminate the use of time clocks or other time and attendance software
  • All ‘time’ saved means payroll dollars that can be used elsewhere!

Start Saving Time and Money Now!!