RescueNet Flight


Reach New Levels of Efficiency with Our Flight Solutions

Above and beyond RescueNet Dispatch's extensive dispatch and management features, there's an integrated set of features specifically designed for air medical transport. Already popular with flight programs, RescueNet Dispatch for Flight is unique as a computer-aided dispatch system that meets both your ground- and flight-based dispatch needs.

Combined with RescueNet Dispatch's integrated mapping, GIS, billing, electronic patient care reports and statistical reporting capabilities, RescueNet Dispatch for Flight provides an unsurpassed data management system for flight programs. And with the flight following module, you can view and update the status of flight and aircraft position.

RescueNet ePCR helps streamline data collection in the field, deliver accurate electronic patient care reports, and improve overall operations. The highly configurable nature of the solution allows you to capture the data you need, including complicated interventions common to air medical transports. RescueNet ePCR adapts to the needs of your business to make you more successful.