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Safety Solutions: Implementing Policy, Training & Technology to Keep Your Crews Safe

Your wake-up call is coming.

It may be in the form of a big, tragic accident. It may be something less dramatic. But if you’re not taking all prudent steps to ensure the safe operation of your fleet—in policy, training and technology—your luck will at some point run out. In this webinar you’ll hear from top EMS leaders about the "a-ha moments" that prompted them to seek greater safety on the road. Learn about:

  • What led to their decisions;
  • What solutions they considered;
  • The results of their efforts;
  • How they factored the cost into their budgets.

The tools are out there to help you save lives; protect crews, patients and the public; and save money in the process. Here’s how to do the right thing. 

What is the real ROI on ambulance safety systems?

Given that the most likely source of fatal injury for EMTs and paramedics is an on-duty crash, the EMS industry faces a crisis of safety and a decision about investing in safety. Technologies have evolved over the last two decades, targeting ways to improve this safety crisis in EMS. What, really, is the cost of safety monitoring/feedback systems in EMS? Any true evaluation of cost must be balanced with the return on the investment (ROI). 

This webinar will review a model for evaluating the ROI of transport safety systems. You will see how real data fits into the model and learn about how to apply the concepts of return on investment in your own safety programs!

Presenters: Dr. Cathy Jaynes, researcher, registered nurse, and consultant specializing in coaching research and education programs; Will Rosenberg - Chief Operating Officer, Butler Medical Transport 

View the recorded webinar and access the slides.

How to achieve safety AND savings by reducing aggressive driving

In 2012, Butler Medical Transport implemented a real-time driver feedback solution to not only manage driver performance but also to minimize the amount of money wasted on excessive vehicle wear/tear and repairs. Since then they've been able to: reduce their costs associated with crashes by 90%; save $150,000 on maintenance in just 2 years; and maintain a high level of customer service WHILE improving safety within their organization and community

To hear the details - access the webinar and download the slides.

How much are aggressive drivers costing your organization?

In this webinar Dave McGowan, safety consultant reveals:

  • Both the most common and hidden costs associated with aggressive driving.
  • How to identify those at-risk drivers.
  • 10 things you can start doing tomorrow to reduce unnecessary costs associated with your fleet.

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Driver Safety Programs - Are you at risk for an accident?

Ambulance crashes account for 74% of fatalities in EMS and the costs associated with them can cripple an agency for years. How much do you really know about the driving behavior of your crew and can it be improved to provide patients and staff with a safer environment?

This webinar takes a close look at two facets of ambulance safety - the driver and the data:

  • Do you know when and why your accidents occur?
  • Do you know who your best and worst performers are?
  • Do you know your crews driving behaviors (speed, heavy foot, quick turning)?
  • Do you know what actions or events trigger risky behavior?
  • Do you have a method to track and analyze this information?
  • Do you have a process in place for ongoing driver training based on the problem areas of the driver?

David McGowan will review several successful behavior-based safety programs to provide insight on how to improve vehicle safety in all types of EMS and fire organizations, from behavior modification devices to cultural shifts. David will also uncover the hidden costs of ambulance crashes and provide several examples of a “cost-of-a-loss” worksheet, as well as discussing how agencies can focus on the operational side of vehicle safety, assess their safety programs and develop a comprehensive roadmap to mitigate risk within their organization.

Presented by David McGowan, Safety Consultant, ZOLL

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