How it Works



Through any Internet browser, you can quickly set-up the Road Safety system. Management decides what the driving “safe zone” is for various actions and configures the system accordingly. The Road Safety device is installed in the vehicle and captures driving data including speed, turn forces, hard braking & acceleration, lights and sirens use, turn signals, back-up spotter, seat belts, and engine idle. Safety and driver performance reports can be viewed anytime, anywhere.

Audible tones alert drivers they are approaching vehicle safety limits. The driver will receive an initial audible warning letting them know to take corrective action. The audio warning will continue and increase in intensity until the driver corrects the issue. These audible tones are the core to behavior modification.

Through behavior modification and training, drivers can correct and improve driving behavior before it leads to a crash. This creates a safe driving environment and provides added benefits of reduced vehicle maintenance costs, improved fuel economy, extended vehicle life, and higher quality patient care.

Analyze overall driver performance through the safety dashboard that you can access online, at any time. This allows managers to evaluate driver behavior and provide specific training to improve safety. Additionally, managers can choose to receive instant alerts (email/text) for more risky violations.

Track and monitor your vehicles to optimize your fleet operations. Create geofences to be alerted when vehicles enter or leave defined boundaries. GPS data can be used in multiple vehicle tracking systems giving fleet managers valuable insight – at any time.

*Cellular modem is not included and must be purchased separately.