Safety Consulting

Our EMS safety experts can quickly evaluate your organizational needs and develop a safety improvement plan. A best practices approach is employed from staff hiring to vehicle safety training.

Road Safety Consulting goes well beyond typical driver training for emergency vehicle operation. Starting with senior leadership, best practices are developed to ensure all key documentation and tactics are in place for a comprehensive safety program. This approach involves stakeholders (Risk Management, Legal, Finance, Human Resources, Quality, Fleet Maintenance and Operations), ensuring that everyone understands the Road Safety system, its far-reaching benefits and its direct impact to their departments.

Road Safety coupled with the Safety Consulting ensures your organization is committed to improving the safety of crews, patients and the community.
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"Road safety not only changed the culture of our company’s driving habits, the expert consulting also provided a comprehensive review of our driving policies and procedures. The system improved safety, while reducing maintenance costs, by immediately reducing aggressive driving.” 
–John Kuehl, Manager – Gold Cross Ambulance  

"The Road Safety Consulting service truly guided our organization. Our staff was initially divided between ambitious go-getters and those resisting change. The buy-in to the program was ultimately universal and I believe much of the consulting program changed the team’s attitudes toward safety.”
–B. Scott Roy, Executive Director – Northland Regional Ambulance District