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A Resource Hub for All Your EMS Billing Inquiries


Comprehensive EMS Billing Solutions

Welcome to ZOLL’s resource hub for all things EMS billing. Here, you’ll find a collection of suggestions and tips for updating your ambulance billing and collections software, improving your billing processes, implementing key performance indicators, and so much more. If you have questions or you’d simply like to learn more about our EMS billing solutions, feel free to contact us.


EMS Operations, Documentation, and Billing Is All About Analytics

Proper EMS documentation and ambulance billing is dependent on data and making informed billing decisions based on analysis. By leveraging analytics, you can expend less effort on accounts receivable follow-ups, get claims to the right payer, protect cash flow, and save time for rejected claims with greater ease. 

Many providers are still stuck in the past and rely on a mix of paper and electronic means to chase down demographic information and data. You can give your billers all the tools they need to determine the correct payer and leverage insurance discovery in real-time with ZOLL EMS Billing software. Find out how your EMS billing service and management can make ambulance billing and collections easier and more effective for everyone.

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Know Your EMS Billing Inside and Out for Accurate Claims

EMS billing companies need to understand the defined regulatory levels of service as outlined by The Center for Medicaid and Medicare Service (CMS) if they are to fill out accurate and compliant claims. In order to be in line with the best EMS billing practices, an ambulance billing company is expected to draft well-written patient care documentation that accurately describes all services rendered. 

This paperwork, if billed to Medicare, is subject to legal scrutiny. If the documentation doesn’t accurately reflect the level of service provided according to the aforementioned predetermined definitions of service, the payer can take back any money paid toward the claim, or the claim can be rejected before any funds are dispersed. Prevent this from happening at your EMS billing services by brushing up on CMS definitions and additional words that lead to denied EMS claims here.

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Keys to Better EMS Billing Management

Is your ambulance billing company striving to improve operating efficiency and cash flow? If so, dispatch software is one of the keys to better billing management. ZOLL’s EMS software for dispatch establishes dispatch priorities, enables tracking of emergency call types received, deploys the best staffing resources to ensure swift EMS payment, and increases overall profitability. Check out ZOLL’s EMS solutions for EMS and fire services by clicking here.

If your billers need EMS billing software training and support for the technology that has already been implemented in your EMS billing services, another key to better EMS billing is asking your vendor to help your billers understand and better operate their tools. They should know the best and latest methods for using the tools at their disposal. Dispatch software can simplify EMS documentation, specifically the EMS patient care report, and pre-verify insurance to reduce the frequency of unpaid transports. Discover the other keys to better EMS billing management in this blog post.

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Important Ambulance Billing KPIs

Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs), or actionable, measurable goals, is an effective way to revamp and improve your ambulance billing services. If you’ve never set KPIs before at your EMS billing company, we have a few suggestions for areas to measure in the front and back end of your processes, including billing lag, denials, EMS collections, and more.

Your ambulance billing company might recognize opportunities for improvement after a while of measuring certain aspects of pre- and post-claim transmission. It will be easier to determine the manpower needed in your billing department, establish guidelines for work, identify trends, hold staff accountable, assign productivity standards, and determine why claims aren’t getting paid. Click here to learn more about which KPIs could benefit your EMS billing service.

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How to Prepare Your Agency for In-House EMS Billing

Bringing on an in-house EMS processing and billing staff for your agency is a great step to take toward greater profitability and more efficient business operations. Doing so, however, requires that you develop your own policies and procedures, provide agency-wide trainings, and decide on a budget. As long as you set specific timelines and delegate responsibilities, your new department can be a great success. 

Once you’ve set a budget, you can then decide on how to spend it. ZOLL’s EMS billing software is a wise way to use your budget. It allows you to make the best use of your new in-house department by helping fewer staff members accomplish more work in less time. Learn how you can make use of our EMS solution here. Read more about the steps to take to prepare for in-house EMS billing services in this article.

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How to Implement KPIs Within an EMS Billing Department

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are powerful quantifiable measurement tools for increasing an EMS billing agency’s performance and efficiency, and they can positively impact your billing processes and productivity. You might not even realize that your processes need improvement until you evaluate your EMS billing software, documentation, and billing structure and set goals accordingly. 

As you monitor your data, you’ll be able to discover new areas for growth, and you might even become more knowledgeable about your business and processes along the way. Visit our blog for some specific ideas for KPIs to implement in your EMS billing services.

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Collecting, Analyzing, and Implementing EMS Billing Data

We’ve found that less than half of all EMS billing companies are currently tracking billing metrics. This statistic is shocking, considering that EMS billing company numbers contain a lot of hidden insights that you can learn from if you look closely. ZOLL provides some helpful tips about which numbers to collect and analyze and what changes can be made according to the insights yielded by these numbers. 

Find out which numbers you should be watching here to improve your EMS billing management.

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Resuscitate Your EMS Billing Office

Are human errors negatively impacting your billing department and your office culture? Oftentimes, EMS billing management becomes so focused on the technical side of running an ambulance billing company that it fails to consider the morale and job satisfaction among staff members. ZOLL offers a few management solutions to help your EMS billing service become more profitable while also making it a better place for employees to work. 

Explore ways to boost morale around your agency in this post and become the best EMS billing company you can be.

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Bring Your EMS Billing Into the Future

There’s no way around it — one of the best ways to improve operations at your agency is to update and make full use of your billing software. If you don’t have integrated cloud-based software in place, there’s never been a better time to invest in it. ZOLL’s cloud-based application simplifies EMS billing, dispatch, and patient care reporting and will take your EMS agency to the next level.


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