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About the Author:

Justin Eberly

Justin M. Eberly is an Education and Training Specialist for VFIS, a subsidiary of the Glatfelter Insurance Group, responsible for the national delivery of educational and training programs, curriculum development, and information analysis. Eberly is an active Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and volunteer firefighter in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. He actively serves on the safety committee for an EMS agency. As an educator, he has served as adjunct faculty for emergency services at two technical colleges serving the South Central Pennsylvania region. Previously, he served as the assistant chief of a combination volunteer/career basic life support ambulance service. Eberly has earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Information Technology for Business Education from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. He expects to graduate in mid-2018 with a Masters in Public Administration with an emphasis in Emergency Services Management at Columbia Southern University.

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