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Lindsey Elias

Visit our blog and get tips and tricks from Lindsey Elias on how you can improve performance - operational, clinical and financial.

Recent Posts

Lindsey Elias | May 15, 2019
First Responders: At the Forefront of Disaster & PTSD
Recognize Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder signs and symptoms to better protect your crew members (5 min read) If you’ve missed the...
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Lindsey Elias | Apr 24, 2019
Prevent Fire & EMS burnout with 3 key tactics
How to better recognize personnel burnout symptoms and proactively protect your crew against them (6 min read) Emergency responders face...
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Lindsey Elias | Feb 6, 2019
It’s Heart Month: Top-Level Heart Health Tips for Emergency Responders
Help your heart stay in shape with these simple and proactive techniques You work in an industry where you regularly exert both your...
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