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Insights for Data-Driven EMS

About the Author:

Tim Nowak

Tim Nowak, AAS, BS, NRP, CCEMTP, SPO, MPO is the Founder & CEO of Emergency Medical Solutions, LLC, an independent EMS training & consulting company that has been in operation since 2010. Tim has full-time experience as a firefighter, critical care paramedic, and educator in a variety of rural, suburban, and urban EMS settings. He has developed reference products for EMS & incident management, is a columnist for an online EMS publication, an item writer for a promotional exam company, and the Editor-in-Chief of a printed publication – the EMS Director.

Recent Posts by Tim Nowak

Tim Nowak | Mar 11, 2020

Three Metrics Guiding Progressive Change within EMS

A look at where we’ve used data in the past and how we’re using it now to improve performance in the prehospital and in-hospital ...

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Tim Nowak | Feb 13, 2020

Five EMS Technology Improvements that Will Shape the Next Ten Years

“The only constant is change,” paraphrasing the ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus. In the world of technological and engineering ...

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Tim Nowak | Jan 15, 2020

ROI from CQI

(4 min read) CQI involves more than just checking reports to make sure that the “red” went away, it’s a continuous process focusing on ...

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Tim Nowak | Dec 4, 2019

Mobile “Interoperable” Healthcare: An Alternative Definition to “MIH”

We’re used to hearing about ‘interoperability’ in terms of communications, but how about its use in information ...

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Tim Nowak | Nov 13, 2019

Response Times: We Did it to Ourselves (And Now We Need to Change It)!

What response times can tell us (if we gather the data accurately) (5 min read) Nine minutes or less, 90% of the time – or ...

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Tim Nowak | Oct 29, 2019

Train Your New Gal (and Old Guy) on Documentation

(5 Min Read) Let's face it, a one hour of discussion about threatening lawsuits or a courtroom credibility shredding during someone's ...

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Tim Nowak | Jan 22, 2019

EMS Narratives: Telling the story for others to read

Documentation It’s arguably one of the least desirable aspects of being an EMS provider (at least in the eyes of many). It’s ...

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Tim Nowak | Aug 16, 2018

Choosing the Right System: EMS Platforms, Operations, Software

EMS is at a pivotal and impactful time period in its historical timeline. It used to be, the tones go off…you respond to the call…you ...

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