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Will Dunn

Will Dunn is the Clinical Manager for Eagle County Paramedics in Vail, Colorado. A Colorado native, Dunn first began his EMS career nearly 30 years ago in St. Petersburg, Florida. He quickly returned to his native state and has worked as a paramedic in urban, suburban, rural and backcountry environments for fire-based, private and third-service EMS agencies. Dunn began working in EMS education and management nearly 15 years ago and lectures locally, regionally and nationally to EMS, RN and physicians. Additionally, he has contributed to multiple peerreviewed articles, and EMS-based podcast and to a paramedic textbook.

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Will Dunn | Jan 11, 2018

5 Ways to Prepare Your Agency for an Active Shooter

I’m not an expert. No one is. However, I think we can look back at past active threat incidents and glean some insight from those agencies ...

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