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How One EMS Agency Cut Expenses and Improved Compliance While Spending 10% Less Time on PCRs

Monroe Ambulance’s (Monroe) providers often had challenges surrounding their patient care reports (PCRs) and wanted a more streamlined way to chart on scene. For them, manual charting often led to duplicate information, long hours, and input errors. With these issues becoming frequent, the team had liability and revenue concerns. 

ZOLL® emsCharts® NOW App - Built Directly for Charting On Scene 

As beta testers for the ZOLL emsCharts NOW companion app in 2022, Monroe quickly discovered the ease of use built into this cloud-based, intuitive, and user-friendly app. A significant result coming out of the beta period was a 10% decrease in time spent completing PCRs. 

This revelation led to a boost in employee morale, with many testers relaying positive word of mouth to other colleagues to encourage them to download and utilize the app. Other highlights from the beta period include: 

  • Improved situational and clinical detail documentation
  • Improved contemporaneous narrative
  • Improved compliance 

Fast-forward to today, Monroe has adopted the general release version of ZOLL emsCharts NOW and continues to roll it out company-wide to all of their agency's field crews. To learn more about how they are using the app to achieve the results above, plus reduce overtime expenses and bolster employee retention and recruitment, read the case study. 

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