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How To Use AR Optimization and Patient Engagement Technology to Counteract ASC Staffing Shortages

The staffing crisis prompted by COVID-19 is unlikely to be resolved in the foreseeable future. When key positions can’t be filled in a timely manner, administrators may find themselves performing critical, yet time-consuming tasks, such as gathering patient demographic and insurance information and obtaining pre-authorization for scheduled surgeries.


It is essential that ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) find ways to offset unfilled positions and identify workflow and process efficiencies that optimize current staff productivity. Utilizing technology to streamline patient engagement, AR optimization, and prior authorization processes can improve operational performance and reduce workload for front desk staff.

ASC front desk positions are most likely to benefit from process automation and patient engagement tools that empower the patient to take on administrative tasks that would otherwise be managed by front desk staff. Adding accounts receivable (AR) optimization technology and obtaining prior authorization for a patient’s procedure to be used in conjunction with patient engagement tools can further improve front desk efficiency.

To learn more about how these technologies can benefit ASC staff and patients, read the full article.

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