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JFK EMS Cultivates a Culture of Quality Care Through Seamless Feedback — ZOLL Pulse Award Winner

ZOLL Data Systems | Jun 26, 2023

JFK University Medical Center (JFK EMS) needed a patient documentation software solution to better support their QA/QI processes. With a 600 square-mile service area accounting for 1.1 million people along the eastern coast of New Jersey, their continued growth of service lines meant that a fluid data management and analytics platform was key to improving the team’s quality initiatives across the board.

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JFK EMS Uses ZOLL® emsCharts® To Boost Key Performance Indicators

By using ZOLL emsCharts, JFK EMS was able to enhance their patient charting, team discussion and feedback, and facilitate more comprehensive reporting methods. In one case, JFK EMS developed more robust  clinical CPR dashboards, which showed team members that policies, equipment, and review cycles all play a vital role in how well they are performing on a day-to-day basis. With more detailed analysis and minute-by-minute tracking, the team has become more educated and even better prepared to tackle their job duties in the field.

JFK EMS’ Award-winning Service Wins Them a ZOLL Pulse Award

JFK EMS has credited ZOLL emsCharts and its extensive benefits with helping the organization receive the “Mission: Lifeline EMS GOLD PLUS”  award from the American Heart Association (AHA) for the past seven years. ZOLL emsCharts, along with the integration of the X Series® defibrillator-monitors and AutoPulse® Resuscitation System, has allowed JFK EMS to review more than 500 cardiac cases every quarter that then is submitted to the AHA every year. Highlights of results include:

  • Improved QA/QI through better visibility of patient charts, low latency and the ability to login from anywhere, and better feedback response between teams
  • Improved analytics and KPI reporting with high-level overviews and minute-by-minute data tracking to see how teams are performing and where they can improve
  • Seamless integration and data sharing between ZOLL devices and software 
    JFK EMS received a 2023 ZOLL Pulse Award on June 14 at ZOLL Summit. Presented annually, the awards recognize agencies that are committed to using data to drive clinical and operational efficiency and to improve financial outcomes.

2023 Pulse Award Winner

To learn more about how JFK EMS used cloud software such as ZOLL emsCharts to improve their QA/QI and provide better patient care, read the case study.

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