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Proactive EMS-Hospital Communication Better Prepares Providers for Faster, Safer Care

ZOLL Data Systems | Nov 8, 2023

The data obtained by emergency medical technicians (EMTs) on-scene sometimes is not translated into optimal hospital care during handoffs. Technology and education gaps, heightened by the chaotic nature of emergency transfers, can be one of the primary reasons affecting a patient’s length of stay. Making sure that this information is effectively passed between EMS agencies and the receiving hospital providers is an important factor in improving patient safety.

Greg Howard, Director of Hospital Interoperability Sales for ZOLL Data Systems, was a guest on a recent episode of the Becker’s Healthcare Podcast. The episode recounted Greg’s experience as both a ground and flight paramedic and discussed how streamlining healthcare data interoperability can substantially improve patient care.

Listeners of the podcast will learn:

  • Risks created by data gaps when tracking stroke, STEMI, and trauma team performance
  • The importance of access to real-time patient data for emergency care
  • How to improve patient care by enabling data interoperability between EMS and hospitals
  • How ZOLL® Care Exchange can help address these issues and more

Download and listen to the Becker’s Healthcare Podcast episode, “Bridging the Data Gap in Cardiac Care: Insights from Greg Howard of ZOLL Data Systems,” to learn how bridging the data gap across the continuum of care can solve significant challenges for both EMS and hospital providers.

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