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ZOLL® Billing

A Deeper Dive in to ZOLL Billing

Additional details on the power and value of 
ZOLL® Billing with ZOLL AR Boost® inside, are presented below. For an introduction to the solution, see our Billing overview page.

Find active insurance coverage

Benefits of ZOLL Billing

  • Cloud-Based Platform AR-Boosted Billing operates in the cloud and eliminates IT overhead expenses and administrative costs. Cloud technology also offers automatic real-time updates, so you no longer have to waste time with manual updates during operating hours. Your billers can access the system from anywhere at any time.
  • Track Cash Flow in Real Time – Break down charges and payments by accounting period in real-time reports.
  • Predict Expected Payments – ZOLL Billing takes the guesswork out of your billing process by making quick and accurate predictions about the amount that you’re likely to get paid for each claim. The billing analytics feature also provides you with the materials you need to get paid faster without the hassle. Understanding your billing department’s health has never been easier.
  • Rules-Based Workflows – Based on facility, patient, state, and payer.
  • Confidence Score – Allows for auto-acceptance of returned results.
  • Linked Payer Fee Schedule – Any payer account that’s linked to the Medicare fee schedule is automatically updated as changes occur, keeping your billing process efficient and accurate.
  • Automated Workflows – Automation is built into the system to keep claims in motion with fewer keystrokes and less memorization and manual handling.
  • Supports HIPAA Compliance – Our solution makes it easier to protect patient information, as it aligns with HIPAA compliance rules.
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Built-in Medicare Fee Schedule

Take advantage of ZOLL Billing-provided Medicare updates and receive up-to-date changes to Medicare regions, Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) coverage, and fee schedules. When Medicare changes its fee schedule, updates are automatically included in ZOLL Billing. Your team no longer has to hand code each fee, which eliminates hours of tedious work for your team.

Improve your claim management

ZOLL Billing with ZOLL AR Boost inside

ZOLL Billing includes all the capabilities of ZOLL AR Boost, our accounts receivable (AR) optimization solution. The AR Boost capabilities are integrated seamlessly within the ZOLL Billing workflows and applied automatically as your billers process claims. Capabilities include:

  • Demographic Verification – Obtain complete and correct patient information for every claim, every time.
  • Insurance Discovery – Identify primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance coverage for more patients than ever before.
  • Insurance Eligibility – Run patient eligibility to verify that the patient has active coverage on the claim’s date of service
  • Self-Pay Analyzer – Determine which of your patients can pay and discover those who qualify for charitable coverage or a hardship discount.
cloud billing

A Cloud-based Billing Platform for Security, Accessibility and Ease of Administration

Conducting billing through our cloud software makes life simpler for any EMS billing agency. It allows you to go paperless and enhances the functionality and efficiency of your digital office. The accessibility of online data grants access to authorized users from any device and allows billers to work from anywhere; administrators can authorize other users without a middleman. Cloud EMS billing software also eliminates the need for an administrator, IT staff, manual updates, and additional servers. The cloud application will also automatically update changes to Medicare so that billers don’t have to waste time entering update codes by hand.