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Data Interoperability and Greater Revenue Capture

Build a complete electronic medical record (EMR) by accessing the clinical data you need from your EMS partners, and provide them with up-to-date data on patient outcomes, demographics, and coverage. Automate your accounts receivable / pre-billing workflow, and boost your bottom line by 12% to 20%.


Improved clinical, financial, and operational outcomes through HL7 integration and revenue optimization software solutions

HL7 Integration for EMS

Exchange clinical, financial, and outcome-specific data bi-directionally with your healthcare partners.

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ZOLL Care Exchange
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AR Optimization

Boost your bottom line with automated insurance discovery/eligibility, demographic verification, claims management, and self-pay analysis.

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Mitigate ED Reimbursement Risk


Share Data for Close Collaboration

Experience the benefits of interoperability across platforms, devices, and partners in your ecosystem.