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Whether you’re a new or seasoned user of ZOLL® emsCharts® or ZOLL emsCharts NOW, learn how to streamline data entry and improve charting accuracy by registering for our upcoming webinar, “How To Quickly, Conveniently, and Securely Capture Critical Patient Data on Scene – Part 1.” 

Attendees will learn: 

  • How to streamline data entry and improve charting accuracy by importing CAD information. 
  • How to enhance efficiency and expedite charting during time-sensitive situations with Quick Action Buttons. 
  • How to improve documentation integrity and compliance with regulatory standards with Signature Capture. 

In addition, our experts will also walk attendees through Handtevy, a new functionality that provides another layer to clinical decision-making and creating better patient outcomes. 

If you’re an EMS professional, you will not want to miss how harnessing the tools that allow for more efficient, faster charting will optimize your patient care and operational workflows.  

Date: Tuesday, July 9, 2024 
Time: 1:00pm ET | 10am PT 

Who Should Attend: New and seasoned users of ZOLL emsCharts or ZOLL emsCharts NOW 

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Meet the Speakers

Chuck McSweeney boasts over 35 years of experience in emergency medical services (EMS), serving as a flight paramedic, agency chief, and consultant. With an impressive background, Chuck possesses extensive clinical knowledge, hands-on experience, and is a published author that has been awarded a Class E Award and Meritorious Service Award.  As a dedicated subject matter expert in clinical patient care, his primary mission is to enhance the quality of patient care through continuous improvement processes.  Chuck holds a Master of Science in Public Health, a Bachelor of Science in EMS Management, and certifications including a Certified Public Manager and a Certificated Medical Transport Executive. 

Chuck McSweeney, MPS, CC/NR-EMT-P, CMTE
Clinical and Business Consultant
ZOLL Data Systems

Jason Bartholomai is a Clinical and Business Consultant at ZOLL Data Systems, where he has helped coordinate implementations for more than 1,500 customers and ensured that customers are utilizing ZOLL emsCharts to its fullest capacity. Jason began his EMS industry career in 1998 as an EMT volunteer and has worked his way through the ranks, becoming a Pennsylvania paramedic and maintaining active NREMT paramedic status. He served as volunteer treasurer and lieutenant of a community fire department and is currently serving as EMA coordinator for the community and currently president of Dunbar Borough Council. Jason’s background includes being a National Registry Representative, evaluator, state EMS certification examination coordinator, and teacher for paramedic and EMT courses. Jason has a master’s degree in Business Administration from Waynesburg University and an undergraduate degree in emergency medicine from the University of Pittsburgh.

Jason Bartholomai
Clinical and Business Consultant