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Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Insufficient information at the time of transport leads to delayed payment, escalating receivables and unnecessary write off’s. Even for non-emergent transports, your business faces challenges in determining insurance, obtaining prior authorization and identifying patient deductibles.

The influx of high deductible health plans, Medicaid and self-pay patients increases insurance verification challenges. The result? Millions are lost annually and significant amounts of revenue go uncollected.

Not Anymore!

ZOLL is making it easier for organizations like yours to proactively manage payor data. RescueNet Billing Pro* allows agencies to capture more revenue per claim, process clean claims faster and focus on processes with the greatest ROI.

No more skip tracing and scouring payor websites. Our solution works to discover complete demographics and billable coverage all at once allowing you to reduce write-offs and drives more revenue with less effort.

Gather Correct Patient and Insurance Information for Every Trip, Including Self-Pay.

  • Reduce self-pay patients within the payor mix
  • Verify billable insurance coverage including service type, copay and deductible
  • Reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) by eliminating manual billing processes
  • Eliminate common delays (denials, additional data requests, returned mail) caused by inaccurate patient claim information
  • Identify accounts that are most likely to pay
  • Reduce time spent managing patient deductible

When you are able to optimize payment revenue you:

  • Realize upwards of a 6:1 return on investment
  • Recognize up to 12% increased revenue
  • Reduce manual intervention and returned mail
  • Lower operational costs with increased margin
  • Minimize write-offs and third party agencies

How Does RescueNet Billing Pro Do All This?

Demographic Verifier
Demographic Verifier
 Ensure proper mail and claim delivery the first time and reduce returned mail by up to 60%. With correct demographic information in hand, you:

  • Minimize returned mail
  • Reduce claims rejections and payment delays
  • Avoid potential HIPAA violations

We leverage expansive consumer databases to validate demographic attributes including name, address, DOB and SSN. Reduce expenses, improve statement delivery rates and accelerate payments

Insurance Verifier
Insurance Verifier
 RescueNet Billing Pro’s Insurance Verifier feature verifies insurance eligibility in real time or batch to identify active, billable coverage and includes service type, copay, deductible and available coordination of benefits detail. By accessing the most comprehensive eligibility information, you:

  • Boost clean claim rates
  • Determine coverage up-front
  • Capture benefits

We combine the latest technology with EMS company receivables expertise to quickly and effectively triage your patients’ insurance coverage. Fewer claim denials and improperly classified patients, new payor sources, and higher rates of clean claim submission all boost the bottom line.

Insurance Discover
Insurance Discovery

RescueNet Billing Pro combines the best technology with human intelligence to capitalize on every inquiry and explore every coverage option. We examine claims and clearinghouses at multiple levels to find every possible payor source to:

  • Minimize returned mail
  • Reduce claims rejections and payment delays
  • Avoid potential HIPAA violations

Our Insurance Discovery feature interrogates multiple data sources seeking coverage for your self-pay patients. Our insurance verification experts use the latest mapping logic for more than 2,000 payors, clearinghouse databases and direct connections infrastructure to reveal more coverage, including commercial sources.

Self-Pay Analyzer
Self Pay Analyzer

Determine patients most likely to pay, and pinpoint those who qualify for a hardship discount and probable Medicaid.

  • Improve your cost-to-collect ratio
  • Reduce agency contingency fees
  • Identify hardship and probable Medicaid (retro eligibility)

Maximize internal collections and prevent low hanging fruit from being outsourced to collection vendors with RescueNet Billing Pro’s Self-Pay Analyzer.

PCR on Demand
PCR on Demand

No more flipping back and forth from one computer screen to another. If you use RescueNet ePCR, the PCR on Demand feature gathers all the critical PCR data in RescueNet Billing and brings it together in one place.

  • Critical PCR data where you need it
  • Easy access to hospital sheets and PCS forms
  • Cuts learning curve for new billers

 Check eligibility from INSIDE RescueNet Billing with one click 

  • Make sure a patient is eligible prior to transport
  • Initiate checks before the pre-billing process even starts

We’ve found that most agencies spend up to 25% of their time tracking down patient eligibility. Now you can reduce that time by up to 80%.

Mileage Calculator
Mileage Calculator
  • Automatically calculate mileage between the pickup and drop off addresses to improve workflow efficiency.
  • Avoid human error from  miscommunication between dispatch and field crews
  • Get paid for actual mileage not estimated mileage

Start Optimizing Payment Revenue Today!


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