Insight Analytics FAQ

I already have Insight… what gives?

RescueNet Insight has been around for several years and provides benchmarking for Billing and Dispatch.  Insight Analytics is a new product that helps you to answer questions about your data without burdening IT.  It includes dashboards across ePCR, Billing and CAD and gives you the ability to build your own dashboards.  Insight Analytics will be the next generation solution to benchmarking ZOLL products.

How is Insight Analytics different from Crystal Reports?

1.  Insight Analytics is about dashboards that let you see the big picture at a glance and then drilldown to just the detail you care about.  Crystal Reports are still a great way to see all the data in one place.
2.  Insight lets you answer your questions with an easy to use, drag and drop interface.
3.  Insight Analytics allows you to create dashboards without knowing the underlying database.  There’s no need to join tables and decode cryptic data names.
4.  Insight Analytics allows you to create dashboards visually.

What is Insight Desktop?

Insight Desktop is the name of the program customers use to create their own dashboards. Users access dashboards using a web browser, but they create their own dashboards with the Insight Desktop. Insight Desktop is a Windows-based program that users need to install on their computer. Customers may download the Insight Desktop from ZOLL Online.

Is Insight Analytics HIPAA compliant?

Yes. First, Insight Analytics sends data securely (using SSL encryption) to ZOLL Online. Second, ZOLL Online is itself a secure environment. We suggest reading the ZOLL Online security document for additional details. Third, Insight Analytics removes PHI from the data BEFORE it leaves the customer’s server. The only PHI we send is the incident address and the patient age. HIPAA does not prevent customers from sending PHI to ZOLL Online. HIPAA requires that customers secure their PHI from unauthorized access – which they have the means to do with Insight Analytics and ZOLL Online.

How do I control who gets to access my data?

Insight Analytics provides a full set of tools for Administrators to control access to data. Administrators decide who gets access to each dashboard available in ZOLL Online as well as who has the ability to create and publish dashboards.

How does implementation work for Insight Analytics?

Customers should send an email to to request Insight Analytics. Currently Insight Analytics does require a remote deployment. As soon as the customer sends an email, they will receive an auto-response email letting them know we have received their request. Shortly thereafter, we will give them an approximate “weeks out” for their install. They will be contacted by implementation as the time approaches, to schedule the actual install. The install itself should take a couple hours. There is no cost for this remote deployment.

How do I receive training for Insight Analytics?

Training is available online at in the “Customer Documentation and Resources” section for Insight Analytics or by clicking here. Customers need a account to access the training. A wide variety of videos and documentation is available to learn how to get the most out of Insight.

Is the data in Insight Analytics de-identified?

All the data used in benchmarking is completely de-identified. There is no way to go from the aggregate benchmark data back to an individual patient. We strictly follow HIPAA guidelines for de-identification with benchmark data.

The data that is available to each individual agency is partially de-identified. We remove all identifiable data EXCEPT the incident address and the patient age. The reason is that these 2 data points are critical to agencies getting value out of their own data. Again, these 2 data points are NOT shared in benchmarking data.

How does benchmarking work? Do I have to participate?

Benchmarking is a key feature of Insight Analytics – so if an agency would like to use IA, benchmarking is part of the package. The benchmarking dashboards included in Insight Analytics use data that is fully de-identified – meaning you can’t trace it back to any agency, medic, or patient. The goal is to give agencies the ability to compare their performance to the performance of similar agencies from around the country. We see this as being one of the key features of Insight Analytics.

Can I use Insight Analytics with any data source?

Insight Analytics only supports ZOLL products. You are not able to connect to 3rd party data sources, competitive ePCR systems, or excel spreadsheets etc.

Why is Insight Analytics part of ZOLL Online?  Where is my data?

Insight Analytics is designed for you to access your data from any device with a browser.  Insight Analytics moves data from your ZOLL products to ZOLL Online so that you can securely access your data whenever and wherever you need.  In the ZOLL Online Administration we give you the ability to control the level of PHI that you send to ZOLL Online as well as to audit access to PHI.  You control the data that each person in your organization can access.

Can I install Insight Analytics in premise?

Currently the answer is no, but an on premise install of Insight Analytics is on the roadmap.  While the ZOLL Online version is free to ZOLL customers, organizations that wish to install Insight Analytics on premise will likely have to pay for that ability.