RescueNet ePCR Features

Improve Speed and Accuracy for Medics

  • Optimized for touch-screen tablets
  • Easily tab from field-to-field when using keyboard-based input
  • Logical flow to allow you to collect data in the same process that you provide care
  • QuickLog allows fast time-stamping of common procedures
  • Rules to let medics know what data is missing in order to complete the report
  • Spell-check with a medical dictionary to help ensure professional reports
  • Create editable, automated narratives
  • Collect signatures electronically
  • Use the ePCR app on your IOS device to scan drivers licenses and medications

Save Money

  • Data entry short-cuts and default selections minimize errors
  • Integrates with RescueNet Billing for same day billing
  • Complete, validated data maximizes billing reimbursement

Save Time

  • Customize RescueNet ePCR to only see and collect the data that is important to you
  • Integrates with ZOLL's X Series monitor so all patient data is in one location
  • Provide hospitals with completed run reports


  • NEMSIS 3
  • Meets all state data requirements
  • ICD-10
  • 510K

 Measure Performance

  • Monitor QA through a web-based editor
  • Extensive library of reports to measure performance
  • ZOLL community to share best practices and ideas