ePCR 6.X and NEMSIS 3 Readiness

What You Need to Know Right Now!

Do you have your budget in place?

Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP and in 2015 will be ending support for Server 2003, therefore RescueNet ePCR 6.x will NOT run in those environments. If you are running either XP or Server 2003, you will need to budget for software, and possibly hardware, upgrades.  For additional detail, please refer to the 8/11 full announcement here.

Latest News, Events, and Announcements:

03/01/2017 - ePCR 6.3 release now available
10/04/2016 - ePCR 6.2 release now available
01/26/2016 - Webinar (link to recording): Roadmap to a Successful ePCR 6.x Upgrade
07/01/2015 - Webinar (link to recording) - Collecting NEMSIS 3 data proves to be a big financial win for Omaha Fire and Rescue! 
03/24/2015 - Omaha FD becomes first agency to use RescueNet ePCR to submit NEMSIS v3 data to their state. 
11/05/2014 - As of 10/10/14 ZOLL's RescueNet ePCR 6.0 has been certified as NEMSIS 3 compliant



ePCR 6.x Upgrade Prerequisite Survey/Checklist

Updated 5/7/15  The ePCR 6.x Prerequisite Survey and Checklist is an Excel based tool that uses immediate feedback to help customers identify if they will require any software or hardware upgrades to be prepared for the upgrade to NEMSIS compliant ePCR 6.x. Please send a copy of your completed survey to us at epcr6review@zoll.com, or you can just use it as an internal checklist.

Please note, customers must be logged in in order to download the file: download the ePCR 6.x Prerequisite Survey and Checklist.


We have scheduled a number of in-depth webinars on what to expect from RN ePCR 6.x and NEMSIS 3, including some great Q and A sessions with attendees.  Recordings, slides, and registration links can be found in this section.  Please note, customers must be logged in in order to access this page: Webinars on ePCR 6.x and NEMSIS 3.

 Knowledge911 Videos for ePCR 6.x and NEMSIS 3

There more than a dozen helpful Knowledge911 videos specifically focused on ePCR 6.x topics.  Visit the K911 - ePCR library to see them all.
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State Information and Contacts

NEMSIS 3 Interactive Map You can get up-to-date state time-tables and state data-manager information on the interactive state map on the NEMSIS website here , or by clicking the map on the right. 


 Additional information on the transition timeline, plus additional references for EMS stakeholders, can be found on the NEMSIS 3 website here.

ZOLL Contacts

If you have a technical question related to your system and NEMSIS 3.0, contact support@zoll.com

If you have general questions about NEMSIS 3 and state schedules, contact Ben Barnett, ZOLL Product Manager, bbarnett@zoll.com