EMS Mobile Health for Community Paramedicine


Patient-Focused Charting for Community Paramedicine/Mobile Integrated Healthcare

Community paramedicine is enabling fire and EMS organizations to expand their roles to include patient care that helps prevent emergencies. It’s proactive instead of reactive, addressing a critical gap. And it benefits everyone involved. This type of community care helps reduce early hospital readmissions, reduces the frequency of 911 calls from high utilizers, and helps educate patients with chronic illnesses to better manage their own care. 

Why Existing ePCR Solutions Won’t Work

With conventional ePCR systems you’re blind to your patient’s past. EMS Mobile Health is patient-centric instead of incident-centric and opens a window to the patient’s history and previous caregiver notes. EMS Mobile Health simplifies and expedites ongoing patient charting. This solution was designed specifically for mobile health care/community paramedicine, allowing you to securely access a patient’s medical history and add new information for improved efficiency and improved patient care. 

A Guided Path to Better Health Outcomes

With EMS Mobile Health, medics are guided through the charting process, with features that streamline each visit and support improved health care for patients.

  • See and set patient goals, review history of prior visits, and identify trends to tailor care with each new visit.
  • Quickly inventory a patient’s medications to help prevent errors.
  • Get automated alerts when vitals and lab values are out of normal range.
  • Provide an instant overview of new referrals, making it easy to manage caseloads and scale your program.
  • Share critical patient data with other health care partners.
  • Spend More Time with Patients and Less on Documentation

    EMS Mobile Health helps organizations quickly scale their community paramedicine programs to address the needs of their constituents. It offers real-time charting features that enable paramedics to see more patients and achieve more revenue while still maintaining quality of service. 

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